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An Eight-Arm Candle Holder in White

An Eight-Arm Candle Holder in White

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This candle holder exudes a sense of tranquility. Sometimes, all I need is to connect with myself and listen to my thoughts. 

Decorating your living space can be a journey of self-discovery. When I illuminate numerous candles at home, I can feel a wave of serenity and am able to concentrate. Crafted by the artisans at the "Medovi Svichky" workshop, these candles are meticulously made from natural Ukrainian beeswax. Eight candles flickering in unison bestow a splendid gift upon both the atmosphere of your home and your own well-being.

I sincerely hope you can experience it for yourself.

 - Nadiia

Сandle holder: clay from Sloviansk, Donetsk region. Glaze.

Weight: 250 g

Size: 22 cm, 5 cm, 2 cm

Each item is individually crafted. Please note, slight variations may occur, ensuring your purchase is truly unique.

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